Business clients

Geotech Ltd. provides services to business clients in all localizations in Poland. Our company offers:

  • Professional geology engineering evaluations (SGI),
  • Professional geotechnical evaluations (SG),
  • projects of geological works (PRG) and plans of geotechnical works (PPG
  • geology engineering reports(DGI)
  • hydrogeological reports (DH)
  • geotechnical conditions for the design and construction of structure foundations reports consisted, if necessary, of:
    • geotechnical opinions (OG),
    • investigation of foundation soil reports (DBPG),
    • geotechnical projects (PG)
  • research on soil and water contamination report (EZ)
  • construction supervision geotechnical reports (DOB)
  • geological reports for usage of earth heat to 30m of depth (DGCZ)
  • aquatic legal surveys (OWP)
  • design and construction of wells and piezometers (SPI)
  • geological parts of ecophysiographical reports (OE)
  • inclinometer assembly(MI)
  • engineering geology maps (MGI)
  • landslide hazard maps (MZRM)


Requests for quotation can be sent with the fallowing form or email. Discounts are applied for site investigation localized in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship area. To select multiple items from the list hold CTRL.

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