Business partners

Developing constantly our services Geotech Ltd  is interested  in continuous cooperation  as subcontractor responsible for geological works, field and laboratory test providing  particular parts of:

  • Soil recultivation projects (PRG)
  • Soil reinforcement designs (PWPG)
  • solid minerals for open-pit mining surveys and reports( DGZK)
  • agricultural soil classification legal surveys (OKG)
  • archeological surveys DABR)
  • building designs (PB)

Requests for quotation can be sent with the fallowing form or email. Additionally, we are interested  in continuous cooperation with other drilling companies providing soil and water samples outside Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship and geophysical  works within the whole area of Poland. Offers of companies interested in cooperation can be sent with the fallowing form or email.