Reasearch institutions

We are inviting to cooperation all interested reasearch institutes in Poland. Geotech Ltd has been involved in realization internship programmes for students of civil engineering, geography, geology and environmental science. Interested careers services and departments responsible for internship projects are requested contact via email.

Geotech Ltd has delivered many complex geology engineering reports which required cooperation with experienced specialists in field and .advanced research equipment We are interested  in continuous cooperation with university laboratories applying :

  • Laser diffraction soil particle analysis
  • Scanning electron microscope identification of clay minerals
  • Advanced geochemistry methods for soil and groundwater contamination migration analysis and mineral identification
  • Resonant column with torsional shear testing system
  • Triaxial apparatus with bender elements for drained testing conditions
  • Other innovative testing techniques having practical application in geology engineering, geotechnics and environmental science in range of services delivered by Geotech Ltd


Offers can be sent with the fallowing form or email. Services provided by institutes can be paid by barter in exchange for drilling, delivering soil and water samples and performing field and laboratory tests for research purpose of particular department.


Our partners:

  • Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University
  • University of Warsaw