Reasearch institutions

Geotech Ltd. provides services to reasearch institutes in Poland. We are able to deliver reports, which results are obtained using:

  • Laboratory equipmnent:
    • Proctor apparatus
    • Sieve analysis kit,
    • High-temperature drying oven to organic soils,
    • Shear box test system,
    • Triaxial apparatus
    • CBR test machine press
    • consolidometer,
    • fall cone penetrometer
    • mechanical and pneumatic oedometers ,
    • pH meter and electrical conductivity meter
    • pycnometer.
    • Geochemical analysis kits
    • Other laboratory equipment (Weighing scales etc.).
  • Field equipment:
    • Dynamic probes DPL i DPSH
    • Drilling rigs providing category A. (undisturbed structure sample) to 30m depth,
    • Static probe permitting CPT, CPTU, DMT and FVT
    • BAT probe for groundwater testing,
    • Dynamic and static plate(VSS) to load tests,
    • Plate to dynamic CBR tests
    • Benkelman beam deflectionon meter


Requests for quotation can be sent with the fallowing form or email. Discounst are applied for site investigation localized in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship area. Our services can be paid by barter in exchange for performing test on our soil and water samples with advanced laboratory equipment of research institute. To select multiple items from the list hold CTRL.

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